About Us

Our Vision

To be the world leader in supplying the finest quality products while focusing on excellence, sustainability and integrity as our core values. Our Vision serves as the framework for every facets of our operations to achieve sustainable growth.

Our Mission

Anas Trade Links Pte Ltd aspires to set the highest industry standards. Our mission is to be the premier exporter of quality products in all our 5 verticals:

1) Edible Cooking Oil

2) Soap Industry Raw Materials

3) Spices

4) Consumer Food Products

5) Non-Edible Consumer Products

Our 5 Guiding Principles

1) We are committed to forging strong partnerships based on trust, honesty & integrity.

2) We believe that quality is king & continually endeavour to offer only the highest quality products.

3) We work closely with reliable collectors and farmers from origin to ensure the best quality of produce at the best price.

4) We take responsibility from contract to delivery & constantly strive to give our customers the best value.

5) We pride in sharing our industry knowledge & experiences to optimise our customers decision making process.

Our 5 Step Process Flow

1) Sourcing

We go straight to the source to better understand where we are getting our products and that facilities are fully approved by and within regulation of our procedures.

2) Inspection

All products coming to our facility are fully inspected and sterilised before being sent for processing.

3) Processing

All materials are carefully processed through our state of the art facility. Stringent testing is performed in order to meet regulation, customer expectations and specifications.

4) Packaging

Various packaging sizes are available to best accommodate customer needs as per request and contract.

5) Delivery

After final review and inspection, we prepare product to be shipped in a timely fashion to our customers.